Making living more lovely

Unique throw blankets distinguished by lightness and volume

The idea was to develop absolutely minimalist blankets that focuses on the essentials of 
a throw: softness and comfortable volume in a timeless, reduced design 
with an unusual knitted structure. The result are exceptional throw blankets 
in timeless, puristic design surprisingly light.

Perfectly coordinated in high-quality merino yarns

The unique feature of the blanket "Transformation" is already revealed by its name: its colour effect changes and transforms itself into the opposite on the reverse side. The effect is reinforced by the sophisticated pixel design and the perfectly coordinated high-quality Italian merino yarns

Tradition meets modernity

A timeless throw blanket is an essential home item and ideal to cozy up with when lounging around the house. The perfect blanket elevates your living room or bedroom – plus, it also acts like an accessory, adding personality to your space. 

Tastefully coordinated colour in a timeless reduced design 

The furniture we love varies from different cultures and from different eras and they mix evidently to create a dialogue. Between each furniture there is a hierarchy which will have the leading role and those which will be in the background. Throw blankets could be seen as actors supporting this scene.